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Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valves are designed to regulate flow, but with limited control capability. Butterfly valves are easily operated by rotating a handle 90 degrees. It consists of a metal disc in the body of the valve which is positioned perpendicular to the flow in the closed position. Regulation of liquid flow can be allowed through intermediate rotations. Butterfly valves are configured to operate electronically, manually or pneumatically.

They can be used for a broad range of applications within water supply, wastewater treatment, fire protection and gas supply, in the chemical and oil industries, in fuel handling systems, power generation etc. These valves can be operated by handles, gears or actuators according to specific needs.

  • Butterfly valves are very accurate, which makes them advantageous in industrial applications.
  • They are quite reliable and require very little maintenance.
  • They have the capability to throttle flow.
  • They can be installed or removed without pipe system dislocation
  • Butterfly valves have no tight shut offs.
  • Some portion of the disc is always presented to the flow, even when fully opened. This may result in a pressure switch across the valve, regardless of the setting.
  • Butterfly valves can be used in pharmaceutical, chemical, and food processing services.
  • They are used for corrosive liquids at low temp and pressure.