About Us

About Us

Asha Industrial Products was established in the year 1990 with the prime objective of providing standard Electrical and Thermal Insulation products for the Heavy Electrical Industries of Bhopal.

We have gained expertise in all kinds of FiberGlass Insulation, Engineering Composites for Transport Sector, Defence, Marine and Medical Fields.

We manufacture our goods by using indigenous machines made fast process in the field by using the Best Raw Materials available in the market which undergoes stringent quality control and inspection in all levels of procurement & production.

With dedicated and well qualified team for R & D, constant feedbacks from the customers and a Strong service network across the country, AIP strives for optimum results in every Product it deals with and thus, creating a better value for products and its Customers.

Our Vision

1. Focus on Performance

2. AIP always strives for the development of new products which can be useful for domestic consumers who look abroad for their needs.

3. To manufacture our products in highest quality level to compete international markets and placed among leading manufacturers.

4. To provide cost-effective products to our customers with improved quality and enhanced productivity.

Our Team